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Wholesale honey from Ukraine

Wholesale honey from Ukraine
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Добавлено: 18 августа 2019, 07:31 ID: 621
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МДТрейдПлюс, ООО Владимир-Волынский, UA
на Флагма с 28 марта 2018
Климович Владислав
менеджер по продажам


Our company Agro-Allinace Ltd is glad to offer you
cooperation in the field of honey supply (sunflower, polyflore)
from Ukraine.

Honey is collected from the most fertile land in the east of
Ukraine and ecologically clean territories.

Thanks to 20 years of experience in the area of honey
production, collection scheme, you will be guaranteed to receive
a product that strictly meets your requirements (or requirements
of your customers) and clearly within the agreed time. It will
allow you to successfully conclude subsequent agreements with
your own customers and be confident in the performance by our
company of your obligations.

We want to offer you the most comfortable working
conditions. In particular supply of honey on CIF terms,
taking care of all costs related to the delivery of goods to the
port of destination. The minimum order quantity is
20 tons.

In addition, for your convenience, payment for goods can be
made already immediately after the goods loading on the ship in
the port. You will not need to make a prepayment, then wait for
the delivery of the goods.

We already have experience of successful exports to the EU, in
particular to Poland, Germany, Spain.

Where contractors could see the exceptional quality of honey.
Consignment of honey accompanied by certificates of quality
and origin, as well as results analyzes of leading international

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МДТрейдПлюс, ООО Владимир-Волынский, UA
Работает на Флагма с 28 марта 2018
Климович Владислав
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МДТрейдПлюс, ООО Климович Владислав, Менеджер по продажам
Wholesale honey from Ukraine
Цена по запросу ID: 621
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