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Smm / content creator в Торонто

ищу работу в Торонто, 2 000 €, любая занятость
Shevchenko Stepan 32 года, Алматы, Казахстан, высшее образование
Shevchenko Stepan
Частное лицо
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Опыт работы

Ceo / smm / video maker
9 лет 3 мес мар 2015 - Настоящее время
Henry Show, Almaty
9 лет 3 мес мар 2015 - Настоящее время

Высшее образование

Yaroslavsky Theater, Yaroslavl
3 года 9 мес сен 2011 - май 2015

Знание языков

Английский - продвинутый, Русский - свободно

Дополнительная информация

Good afternoon
My name is Stepan Shevchenko. I have been developing in the field of content creation and promotion for almost 10 years. During this time, many products have been created for experts, entrepreneurs, musicians, bloggers, stylists, etc. At the moment I would be interested in doing full promotion of brands and companies.

What can I offer you, as a specialist:
- Working with a professional production team, which already includes: cameraman, editor, targetologist, designer
- Analysis of your brand/company from a content point of view
- Creating sales funnels
- Writing scripts
- Preparing videos
- Publishing according to schedule
- Setting up targeted advertising to effectively attract an audience

Clients I worked with:

Psychotherapist, 500k subscribers

Yoga teacher 150k subscribers

Nail instructor 80k subscribers

Consultant on raising 60k subscribers

The work includes:
Drawing up a content plan
Creating scripts for social media networks
Filming and editing
Publication on social media

If you are interested in my offer, you can indicate your contact contact in the response message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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Smm / content creator
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