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Продукты питания, прочее в Онтарио

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Натуральный напиток из Дальневостойчной кедровой шишки
15 €/шт  
опт от 8 €/шт
Far Eastern cedar cone benefits Dry drink BioKedr made of cedar cone husk purified from resin was created to support the active functions of the body. The cedar cone contains a full set of essential vitamins in their natural combination, which allows them to strengthen each others action and
1 сен 2021
Sunflower kernel
1 CA$/кг
We produce sunflower kernel. Higher grade (battle 5-10%dependence on the need of the customer, cleanliness of 99.98%), humidity 7-8%, also produce (chips) a big battle of the nucleus (battle 60-70%, cleanliness 99.98%), dear volume. We pack the bags of 10 -50kg or Big Begie, to order the buyer. The
4 апр
0.85 €/кг EXW  
опт от 0.80 €/кг
Good day My name is Arkadii I’m export manager of famous Ukraine company “Sezam”, we are producer of confectionary items such as: halva, treacle-cake, Turkish delight, toffee, peanuts in sugar and coco powder, peanut brittles, sweet sausages. All of our products from nature materials. If you
13 ноя 2018
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