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Оборудование и товары для сферы услуг в Сент-Джонсе

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В Канаде
Баня Бочка
Баня Бочка - фото 1
Баня Бочка - фото 2
+12 фото
Баня Бочка - фото 3
1 500 CA$/шт
Мобильные бани, мобильные сауны в собранном и разобранном виде. Изготавливаем бани-бочки, квадро-бочки, иглу-бани, внутренние сауны инфракрасные и финские, каркасные бани для улицы.
+1 объявление
24 янв 2023
Best Grade Dove Wholesale Dove Soap Whatsapp At
Best Grade Dove Wholesale Dove Soap Whatsapp At - фото 1
Best Grade Dove Wholesale Dove Soap Whatsapp At - фото 2
+1 фото
Best Grade Dove Wholesale Dove Soap Whatsapp At - фото 3
0.25 $/шт CIF
For skin that's soft and smooth, turn to the Dove Beauty Bar. With ¼ moisturizing cream, it goes beyond cleansing, nourishing as it washes away the day. The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. That’s because Dove isn’t a soap bar, it’s a Beauty
+6 объявлений
17 июн
Sizing and Sorting Machine for Tiles
Sizing and Sorting Machine for Tiles - фото 1
Sizing and Sorting Machine for Tiles - фото 2
+4 фото
Sizing and Sorting Machine for Tiles - фото 3
Цена по запросу
Consists of three cars. At the beginning and end of the line there is a trimming machine, in the middle there is a pneumatic rotary machine, in the center there is a mechanical lathe. The line cutting precision is 2/10mm.
+6 объявлений
7 мар
Euro coin counter and automatic sorter and multi-coin display
1 CA$/шт
Large coin inbox with capacity up to 300-500 coins. Output containers for coins, with a capacity of up to 50-300 coins. Front panel with control buttons and viewfinder showing total value in Euros and number of coins of each type per container. The display is carried out for all currencies,
+106 объявлений
9 фев 2023
White Soap Unilever Men Dove Bar Soap Original
0.60 €/шт
Item value Product Type Soap Function Whitening Primary Ingredient Milk, Rose Feature Normal Color Black Shelf Life 2 Years Product Name Dove
+9 объявлений
6 янв 2023
Portable Nd Yag Laser tattoo removal machine
Оптовая цена
1 000 - 5 000 CA$/шт
1. Hair removal completely and permanently . Pain freee , safe , fast , effective. 2. Applicable to any hair color 3. Applicable to all skin types 4. 10 laser bars Made in Germany 5. Water pump made in Germany 6. 50 million shots 7. Very convenient to move
+2 объявления
11 мая 2022
980 NM For Vascular Removal
Оптовая цена
500 - 3 000 CA$/шт
• Vascular removal: face, arms, legs and the whole body • Pigment lesions treatment: speckle, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation • Benign proliferation: skin excrescence: Milia, hybrid nevus, intradermal nevus, flat wart, fat granule • Blood Clots • Leg Ulcers • Lymph edema • Blood Spider clearance •
+2 объявления
11 мая 2022
Diode laser hair removal
Оптовая цена
4 500 - 8 000 CA$/шт
• High quality imported components from USA, Germany, Japan used in production • Unique handle with double patented cooling UniChill system. Big spot size plus an extra cooling head. Super good cooling effect, truly painless. • Device has been cleared by the FDA, TGA, ISO13485 and medical CE to
+2 объявления
11 мая 2022
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