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Organic fertilizer (growth accelerator)

Organic fertilizer (growth accelerator) - фото 1
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БиоДепозит, ООО Белыничи, BY
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Organic fertilizer (growth accelerator) of high concentration 1:2000 wholesale from the manufacturer

BioDeposit® Elixir is an organic fertilizer of high concentration 1:2000 wholesale from 1 ton and in large volumes.
From the manufacturer in Belarus.

- for farmers
- agricultural enterprises
- retail outlets
- new dealers in different countries of the world.

The product underwent two years of testing in Africa with the participation of Coraf under a World Bank program.
Registered trademark in the EU, Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt.

Benefits for buyers and dealers:
- honest and favorable price from the manufacturer;
- composition and quality are confirmed by certificates;
- savings on mineral fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides;
- increasing productivity;
- environmental Safety;
- individual terms of cooperation depending on your goals;
- support and advice on use;
- quick response to orders and paperwork;
- the opportunity to become a successful dealer in your region or country;
- convenient packaging for transportation and storage.

About the elixir:

Type of packaging BioDeposit® Elixir is a soft 12 ml package.
Retains its quality for 2 years from the date of production at storage temperatures from +5 to +35 * C.
1 liter is designed for 2000 liters of ready-to-use solution, with a humic acid concentration of 0.006 g/liter (0.06% solution).

- when soaking seeds;
- when spraying plants;
- for root watering;
- as an accelerator for compost maturation.

Compatibility of the elixir with biological, chemical plant protection products and fertilizers:
- Using an elixir with fertilizers increases the likelihood of obtaining nutrients from those fertilizers, but also reduces fertilizer leaching through chelation and complexation. This allows you to reduce the rate of fertilizer application by 30-40%.
- Seed dressing elixir enhances the suppression of pathogenic microorganisms.
- When used with herbicides, the elixir reduces the main stress of crops from the toxic effects of herbicides. This allows you to reduce the rate of applied herbicide to 10-15%.
- With fungicides, the elixir eliminates the main stress of the crop and increases fungicidal activity, so that the elixir has good adhesion, this allows reducing the rate of fungicide used by 10-15%.
- If possible, avoid using elixirs containing chlorine compounds.
The elixir should be added to prepared liquid fertilizers and chemical protection products with a working solution concentration (1:2000).

Standard scheme for treating plants with biodeposit elixir
- Feeding the roots (watering the roots): 0.5 - 1.5 liters of working solution per 1 sq. m.
- Spraying during the growing season: 200-300 L/ha.

Efficacy of BioDeposit® Elixir:
- enhances the processes of intrasoil exchange;
- binds heavy metals into a form inaccessible to plants;
- reduces and neutralizes traces of pesticides accumulated in the soil as a result of their intensive use;
- significantly increases plant immunity to diseases, stress and extreme climatic conditions;
- thanks to special natural additives, it has a moisturizing effect that increases soil wettability and increases its moisture capacity;
- increases the efficiency of applied mineral fertilizers;
- activates the activity and growth of microorganisms inhabiting the soil.

We are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation.
We guarantee product quality and competitive prices.

Contact us for further details!

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Organic fertilizer (growth accelerator)
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