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Intelligent CNC waterjet cutter machine

Intelligent CNC waterjet cutter machine
Intelligent CNC waterjet cutter machine - фото 1
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25 000 $/штука
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24 000 - 25 000 $/штука
Условия поставки: EXW Цзинань
Shandong EAAK Machinery, LLC Цзинань, CN
на Флагма с 20 августа 2019
Song Jack
sales manager


EAAK water jet cutting machine application:
Can be used to cut almostly all the materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other metals, glass steel, stone, glass, ceramics, plastics, composite and so on. High pressure abrasive waterjet cutting is currently the most applicable cutting method.
Metal cutting:
1 Decoration of stainless steel, aluminum. iron, brass and other metal cutting process.
2 Processing of machinery and equipment control cabinets such as food machinery, medical machinery, CNC machinery.
3 The metal parts cutting such as stainlesssteel flange, semi-finished, steel construction, non-ferrous metal and so on.
Glass cutting:
1 Gas stove surfaces, range hood, disinfecting cabinet, TV, bathroom products.
2 Construction and decoration glass, automotive glass.
Ceramic and stone cutting:
1 Ceramic cutting for decoration and construction.
2 Marble mosaic, granite mosaicmstone plate cutting.
Specification of CNC waterjet cutting machine:(as follows)
Model EK1520
X Y axis Working size 1500mm*2000mm
Z working height 150mm
Cutting Pressure 420Mpa 37kw UHP pump
Control accuracy 0.01mm
Cutting accuracy 0.1-0.2mm
Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Max cutting thickness 300mm(depends on materials)
Max. moving speed 6000mm/min
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Environmental temperature -10-50°C
Max flow rate 3.7L/min
Max oil discharge 206L/min
Max delivery capacity of oil pump 106L/min
Control system Ncstudio (Shanghai) software IPC controller
CAD/CAM software AutoCAD, ArtCAM
Drive motor Japan Yaskawa servo drive motor

Shandong EAAK Machinery Co., Ltd

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29 июл 2022
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Shandong EAAK Machinery, LLC Цзинань, CN
Работает на Флагма с 20 августа 2019
Song Jack
sales manager
Song Jack
sales manager
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Shandong EAAK Machinery, LLC Song Jack, sales manager
Intelligent CNC waterjet cutter machine
25 000 $/штука ID: 778
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