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Copper scrap

Copper scrap
Copper scrap - фото 1
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Harbest Market SL, SL Мадрид, ES
на Флагма с 17 октября 2023
Peter Lopez
marketing Director


We are, distributors and other Exporters of Wood pellets, epal pallets , firewood, dried logs , copper scrap , UBC scrap , Aluminium scrap , battery scrap , USed containers, shipping , Gold bars , nuggets, gold dust 24 carat

We are wholesalers, distributors and exporters of sunflower oil, con oil, canola oil, rapeseed’s oil , coconut oil, Nutella chocolate, Pringle chips , Coca Cola , Redbull energy drinks in bulk , Lavazza coffee, jacobs kronung coffee , Lipton tea, Aptamil milk , Nido Milk , baby pampers, Nescafé , French fries potatoes chips

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Packing: Shrink wrapped+carton +pallet to resist moisture, quake and corrosion Usage: Electrical, light industry, machinery, building industry, national defense industry, copper scrap is an important raw materials in all kinds of industry, and can be recycled
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Harbest Market SL, SL Мадрид, ES
Работает на Флагма с 17 октября 2023
Peter Lopez
marketing Director
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Peter Lopez
Marketing Director
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Harbest Market SL, SL Peter Lopez, Marketing Director
Copper scrap
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