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Briquetting of coal

Briquetting of coal
Briquetting of coal - фото 1
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Biostar Юрий
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We manufacture equipment for the production of charcoal briquettes. Performance from 1200 up to 4000 kg / hour!!!
Special production technology allows to achieve high quality and ecological purity of finished products. Wood-coal briquettes are manufactured by pressing dropout mixture, crushed into dust, without the binder due to high pressure in the compression conical chamber. (About 2000 kg / cm2).
This allows us to produce high quality briquettes.

You can also press sawdust, straw, leaves, sunflower seeds, corn, reeds and other wastes. (Please specify)

Warranty for the equipment is 3 years.

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Biostar Юрий
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Briquetting of coal
Цена по запросу ID: 129
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