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Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen
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0.02 $/штука
Мары, TM
на Флагма с 6 февраля 2022
Jumadurdyyew Shamyrat


We offer you ballpoint pens!
With good quality and from factory price!

Ballpoint pen in a plastic housing. It is completed with a core with blue oil-based ink, which is characterized by high density, light - and water resistance, does not freeze at low temperatures. The thickness of the writing line of the pen is 0.7 mm. The body of the pens is available in 6 colors.

Body color: white, blue, black, red, green, yellow
Composition: polypropylene, polyethylene
Ink color: blue
Packing: 1 pack = 50pcs
Price: $0.02 1pc (FCA)
Minimum order: 500,000 pcs
Our shipping terms: EXW, FCA, FOB, CIP, CIF worldwide.
Payment terms: US dollars, euros.

Country of manufacture: Turkmenistan

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11 ноя 2021
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Мары, TM
Работает на Флагма с 6 февраля 2022
Jumadurdyyew Shamyrat
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