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Wood briquette
Wood briquette - photo 1
Wood briquette - photo 2
Wood briquette - photo 3
$100/pc CIF
We offer very good and affordable top quality wood briquette(saw dust, heat logs, bark briquettes, and pini kay logs) at very good prices to all continents... We offer delivery of our product to clients door posts, warehouse or destinated port without any complication or problem.. Delivery is by
21 Oct 2022
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Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette
Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette - photo 1
Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette - photo 2
+2 photo
Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette - photo 3
170/t FCA
Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette. This product is considered as a type of solid fuel produced by the method of pressing wood raw materials at high temperature and pressure, and is the best of these types of solid fuel. Binding components are not used in the production process; as a result, it is
26 Apr 2022
Charcoal pini kay
Kruk LLC produces and sells charcoal in Ukraine and abroad. The raw material for the production of our products is environmentally friendly wood (oak, pine). We suggest you consider our company as a potential supplier of products to your supermarket or outlet. Priorities for cooperation with our
+1 ad
25 Jun 2020
Продам топливный брикет Pini-Kay
Продам топливный брикет Pini-Kay - photo 1
Продам топливный брикет Pini-Kay - photo 2
+2 photo
Продам топливный брикет Pini-Kay - photo 3
Добрый день! мы предлагаем топливные брикеты Pini Kay (Пини Кей) и древесный голь. в наличии всегда от 100тонн. если Вам интересно мое предложение будем рады обратной связи. Good afternoon! we offer fuel briquettes Pini Kay (Pini Kay) and wood Gol. always available from 100 tons. if you are
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23 May 2020
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