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Saw Dusts
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$100/pc CIF
Particleboard is one of the main applications for sawdust, and wood pulp can be made from coarse sawdust. Other useful applications for sawdust include mulching, replacing clay cat litter, and using it as fuel.
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15 Nov 2022
Multi-rip saw WD300/350 KBA Walter
Multi-rip saw WD300/350 KBA Walter - photo 1
Multi-rip saw WD300/350 KBA Walter - photo 2
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Multi-rip saw WD300/350 KBA Walter - photo 3
35,000/pc EXW
The WD 300/350 KBA Walter multi-saw machine is designed for sawing double-edged timber with high productivity into edged lumber. The workpiece is fed by a caterpillar conveyor. Stepless electronic feed speed adjustment allows you to select the optimal sawing mode. The claw guard provides effective
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11 Feb
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