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Continuous fryer 400/1100/12
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - photo 1
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - photo 2
+4 photo
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - photo 3
$8,590/pc EXW
The universal conveyor fryer allows you to fry a wide range of products such as: nuts, chips, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, patties, pies, schnitzels, french fries, snacks and other products - the range of products can be easily expanded with additional modules. In terms of its functions and
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24 Nov 2023
Cooking Kettle with a Stirrer
Cooking Kettle with a Stirrer - photo 1
Cooking Kettle with a Stirrer - photo 2
+6 photo
Cooking Kettle with a Stirrer - photo 3
$1,790/pc EXW  
wholesale from $1,440/2 pieces
A universal cooking kettle with a stirrer for mixing, stirring, and thermally processing food products, cosmetic emulsions, creams, sugar pastes, and much more. • Easily removable adjustable teflon scrapers • Open lid sensor for safe mixer operation • Hygienically positioned product temperature
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24 Nov 2023
Colloid mill 132
Colloid mill 132 - photo 1
Colloid mill 132 - photo 2
+1 photo
Colloid mill 132 - photo 3
$3,800/pc EXW
A new version of the machine for peanut butter production, that can be used to make all types of nut pastes / butters. To buy the peanut grinder or to request additional details, please contact us at: * The price is set for the basic version, without additional options. Power consumption options,
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24 Nov 2023
In Canada
China small water jet cutting machine for stone glass metal
$25,000/pc EXW  
wholesale $24,000-25,000/pc
EAAK new design water jet cutting machine EK1020N is with compelte new color and new structure design, can save more space and works steady. Specification of EAAK CNC water jet cutting machine:(as follows) Model EK1020N X Y axis Working size 1000mm*2000mm Z working height 150mm Cutting
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29 Jul 2022
Линия для мороженного на палочке
Линия для мороженного на палочке - photo 1
Линия для мороженного на палочке - photo 2
Линия для мороженного на палочке - photo 3
Линия для мороженного на палочке
14 Jun 2021
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