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Fat and oil products in Montreal

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Region Montreal
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Sunflower oil refined in a 1-liter plastic bottle, 5-liter plastic jar. Sunflower oil 1-grade unrefined (pressed). All products are certified. From the Ukrainian manufacturer.
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25 Jun 2019
Refined deodorized soybean oil
An extraordinary useful product. Its components have a positive effect on health of the whole organism. Soybean oil has the highest biological activity of all oils and is absorbed by the body by 98%. The oil is produced and supplied in unpackaged (in bulk) and packaged (bottled) forms.
29 Aug
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Omega 3 fish oil . DHA 27% EPA 5%
28 Sep 2020
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Refined Sunflower oil in 1liter, 2liters, 5liters, bulk
Refined Sunflower oil in 1liter, 2liters, 5liters, bulk
Refined Sunflower oil in 1liter, 2liters, 5liters, bulk
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Refined Sunflower oil in 1liter, 2liters, 5liters, bulk
$0.80/l DAP
We supply refined sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil packing of 1LITER,2l, 5l, 10l, 20l etc bulk we supply DAP anywhere in europe. we can send oils to Austria, ukraine , france, germany, slovakia etc Prices vary with distance of truck delivery Price per liter is 1 euro Delivery
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17 Nov
Refined sunflower oil
Refined sunflower oil
Refined sunflower oil
Refined sunflower oil
$500/pc CIF
We offer good, well refined and premium quality Refined sun flower oil at very good and affordable prices,,,. We offer delivery of our product to clients location or desired delivery address without any complication or problem....
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21 Oct 2022
Refined Sunflower Oil
Refined sunflower oil of highest quality_Pure no additives. This product is received from refining of crude sunflower oil on modern high-tech equipment. Refining process is fully automated which means high and stable quality of final product. Refined sunflower oil is a high quality edible product,
22 May 2021
Кунжутное масло
Кунжутное масло "Nurber" нерафинированное 100% природный продукт первого сорта. Произведено в городе Туркменабат. Энергетическая ценность: 899ккал.
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30 Oct 2020
Растительное масло
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from CA$ 1/pc
We offer supplies of sunflower oil for export. Annual contracts. Wholesale, large wholesale. Price on request.
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25 Nov
Масло оливковое Италия
Wholesale price
2.50-5/l FOB
Итальянскмй производитель предлагает заключить прямой контракт на поставку оливкового масла собственного производства объемами от 0,250 до 5 литров в бутылках и жестяной банке. Вопросы по контактным данным
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6 Oct
Оливковое масло
Price on request
Оливковое Масло Virgen Extra Высачайшего качества на разлив и расфасовка. Качество без конкуренции. Так же есть масло Virgen как у всех. И есть для консервов, производства выпечек (низкий клас) Качество и поставку всех видов при 100 оливковом масле гарантируем 100%оплата ,100%масло высшего качества
12 Jan 2020
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