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Resume renewed 21 January 2021

Pattern maker (modeliste) in Toronto

I am looking for a job in Toronto, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, C$ 10
Кривчиков Николай 51 years old, Kiev, Ukraine, higher education

Work experience

Pattern maker CAD Lectra
3 years 8 mo. Feb 2019 - Сurrent time
3 years 8 mo. Feb 2019 - Сurrent time
Pattern maker (CAD Lectra)

Higher education

Pattern maker
4 years 9 mo. Sep 1988 - Jun 1993


English - basic

Additional information

In 1993 finished the Kiev technological institute of fashion industry (daily form of educating). Speciality is a designer-technologist-pattern-maker. 24 years of productive experience on the enterprises of the mass sewing.
In 2003-2004 worked as a designer-pattern-maker on the large factory of "DANA"( in Kiev, Ukraine), on which firm Marks&Spencer, DAMO and Steilmann placed the large orders on making of clothes. I often considerably redid their constructions, that was approved by guidance of Marks&Spencer, DAMO and Steilmann .
In to 2006 worked in by a Moscow of designer-pattern-maker on the production of fur coats from a muton and mink of in a firm «Zolotoe Runo» .
From January 2007 for April 2009 worked as a designer-pattern-maker in LTD. «Astra-comet» (trade mark «GOTTO»)(Kiev, Ukraine), where independently «from the ground up» developed the constructions of men’s and women’s knitting and fabric from - shirts, dresses, sweaters, panties, smocks, shirts, skirts, windski, of jeans, trousers and jackets to the winter jackets on heat insulation material.
In 2007- 2009 on my patterns all sewing and knittings wares of trade mark « of GOTTO» were made in China, that large batchwises it was successfully been for sale in Ukraine through the networks «Аuchan», «Caravan», « REAL», « TUSO» and other. In March 2008 he was seven days on a business trip in China (in order to control the manufacture of samples of sweaters and knitwear for women's enterprise in Guangzhou).
From a world financial crisis 2009 year liquidation of production happened on a firm.
I am pattern making in CAD Gerber and CAD Lectra of a patterns of any complexity child's, men’s and women’s clothing of different assortment( from – polo-neck, jeans, skirts, trousers, coats, panties, dresses, jackets, smocks, shirts and sweaters to the jackets from fabrics and skin, fur coats from natural fur, of overcoat) of any size. I own modern knowledge in technology of production of sewing wares.
From 2012 to December 2016 I am worked as a pattern maker at the firm Olifer (Kiev). Since January 2017 I work as a pattern maker in firm.
As f r e e l a n c e r I can for Your at home remotedly under Your order and on Your sketches or finish goods develop the patterns of constructions of any complication in CAD Gerber and CAD Lectra (patterns of top, patterns lining, patterns of glue rifle butt and subsidiary patterns) with the table of measuring .
I have a large base that I have accumulated that I guarantee is guaranteed to be well fitting on the patterns of patterns in electronic form (male, child and female assortment).
If necessary I can send you my Portfolio with photos of the products made on my patterns. Estimated cost of making by me complete industrial set of the patterns (patterns of top, patterns lining, patterns of glue rifle butt and subsidiary patterns) the base size:
1) a panty, T-shirt, sports trousers – 20-40$;
2) a skirt – 30-50$;
3) trousers – 40-80$;
4) a blouse, a man's shirt – 40-80$;
5) a dress, an unlined jacket - 50-100$;
6) a jacket on a lining - 70-120$;
7) a coat, a raincoat - 80-150$;
8) a jacket (parka) on a lining (heater) - 120-200$.
Each size of gradation - 10% of the cost of the basic size.
Citizen of Ukraine, 48 years. I live in Kiev.
E - mail :
Krivchikov Nikolai.

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